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MagnumBoard – how you benefit
The perfect construction system offers these benefits:
  • Ecological and sustainable thanks to replenishable base material
  • Free of harmful substances, food-safe, resistant to vermin and suitable for those with allergies Fabricated using 100 percent formaldehyde-free binders
  • Can be constructed very rapidly thanks to complete fabrication of the individual and precisely dimensioned structure indoors, protected from weather using solid and sustainable magnum board elements
  • Even complex architectural designs such as difficult floor plans and complicated dormer windows can be easily implemented
  • Prefab apertures, cable ducts, etc., result in considerable time and money savings during finishing and installation work
  • In addition, the smooth sanded surfaces can be immediately wallpapered, tiled or have other coating applied because no long drying periods are required
  • Window installation, roof sheeting, installation of insulation as well as all other construction work are possible with simple screw connections or gluing, also on the front face of elements
  • Air-tight and windproof construction is possible due to the large size of construction elements and their precise fit
  • Excellent thermal insulation despite minimal wall thicknesses create a more inviting ambience and added living space
  • MagnumBoard elements are very dimensionally stable and have low residual moisture
  • Unusual façade solutions can be achieved without any difficulty
  • Ideal for adding a new storey, renovation or new construction, even where there is little space available