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MagnumBoard – the system
Solid timber construction – a perfect synthesis of traditional wood construction techniques and advanced technology
MagnumBoard is the modern system for healthy building using ecological solid timber construction. It perfectly combines the advantages of single layer solid wood construction with traditional wood construction methods: Walls, ceiling as well as roof panels can be easily built in this way. Mechanically processed, large-format and extremely stable, non-warping building elements with the best structural stability values and excellent properties in heat, sound and fire protection for dimensions up to 15.00 x 3.40m. Approved by building authorities, these elements allow permanently windproof building constructions utilizing very few joints.
Basis The basis – SWISS KRONO OSB/4, 15m x 2.8m x 25mm, surface ground, food-grade and vermin-resistant
The certified food-grade SWISS KRONO OSB/4 in large 15.00 x 2.80 m format, is 25mm thick and the ground surface forms the basis of MagnumBoard elements. The manufacture of SWISS KRONO OSB/4 (oriented strand board) panels is a synthesis of natural raw materials and innovative technology. Only recently collected thinnings from sustainably managed forests are used for manufacture.
The oriented thin woodchip strands are pressed, cut to size and ground on a modern Conti roll press using resins contained in wood and formaldehyde-free binders under very high pressure. The process also ensures extreme resistance to vermin infestation.
Produktion Production – fast, customized, and with the highest precision
When manufacturing MagnumBoard several layers of SWISS KRONO OSB/4 are processed into solid sheets in a clamp press gluing process. After the raw board is laid, all the required conduits, cable ducts and apertures are cut out and precisely milled, glue mechanically applied to remaining surfaces, the next panel laid and braced together. Depending on the project, this process is repeated up to ten plies, or a total thickness of 25cm.
Two industrial robots carry this out using various tool attachments on four machining stands, around the clock if necessary. This enables rapid manufacturing times, customized architecture and high capacity. Consistent processing conditions ensure a consistently high level of quality. The subsequent installation sequence is already considered when carrying out machining and detail work on construction elements.
Montage Assembly – carefully planned and efficient    
Installation work is already included during planning and manufacturing of the building elements. Precise installation plans with a specified sequence ensure trouble-free work and rapid progress during construction. The most exacting details enable rapid and error-free work. The experience gained from a wide variety of building MagnumBoard projects allows our system to be adapted to satisfy any construction situation.
Whether a floor slab, basement, spot footing or steel base construction – any foundation is possible. Screw anchoring with approved connecting elements allows highly stable structures without any specialized technology. The unfinished frame structure can usually be completed in one to three days. The only requirements for installation are a driveway for a crane and delivery vehicles.
Innenausbau Interior finishing – a time and money saver    
Interior finishing work can begin immediately after the MagnumBoard building elements have been installed. Time-consuming and elaborate construction elements are already complete – no construction drying is needed for the wall, ceiling or roof elements. Cutting work on walls and ceilings is not required either thanks to integrated cable ducts, wall openings, and installation openings and apertures. Fastening of appliances, furniture, decorative elements, etc., can be done with no drilling or use of dowels.
Die hohe Genauigkeit des Rohbaus begünstigt erheblich die exakte Planung und Ausführung aller Nachfolgegewerke. Die ebenen, geschliffenen Oberflächen unserer Elemente können sofort tapeziert, gefliest oder anderweitig beschichtet werden. Zusätzliche Beplankungen oder ähnliches entfallen. Anforderungen an die Oberflächenqualität (Q1-Q4) sind gesondert zu beachten. Speziell Fliesenleger und Maler loben die Genauigkeit, Winkligkeit und Ebenheit der Innenwände.
Fassade Façade work anything is possible!    
There are no limits to what homebuilders and architects can do with façade insulation and design of a MagnumBoard building: from composite heat insulation to wood and brick façade – any choice of material will still delivers the same benefits offered by our system for interior work. Simple glued or screw connections make it easy to quickly put a façade of your choice into place. Construction elements can be installed in the insulation layer in front of each opening, resulting in clean connections which do not affect heat-efficiency.
Anchoring of heavy constructions such as balconies or canopies facilitated by integrated anchor panels. The airtight building shell already achieved during framing and the solid wall material makes it possible to use highly efficient, narrow façade designs with any energy-saving system.